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Waju is a New York based brand launched in 2012. We believe that jewelry is a form of expression.

Our brand provides quality costume and assemblage jewelry with our customers at the center of our design process. Our aim is for you to see who you are within the pieces we create. 

Why We Love Jewelry?

It sparks conversations, new relationships and reveals connections that you don't expect. Every time you wear jewelry, you make a statement about who you are. That's why we believe purchasing quality jewelry should be one of the many investments you make in yourself.

Artisan made:

Our jewelry is artisan made. Labeling our items artisan made or handcrafted isn't about just trying to market to you. There's a special value in items that are made by hand in a world where it'd be easier to mass-produce. Creating our own jewelry lets us turn our ideas into reality and gives us the opportunity to provide much more variety. So, when you receive one of our pieces, you can be sure that at least one person has carefully worked to create it.

We take the label seriously this seriously. We're constantly researching our materials, their origins and the history. We've got backgrounds in art and we studied our craft. We are constantly learning so that we can maintain a consistent quality product. When it comes to our materials, presentation and our suppliers, we're extremely picky. We rely on many local businesses to supply some our materials. Because of these relationships, we are able to keep a close eye on production, thoroughly inspect items and more importantly, we are doing our part to support our local economy.


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